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Bark the Herald Angels Sing -- what’s better than treating that special dog to a daily Christmas treat? Rejoice in that cute wagging tail as they anticipate what’s behind each door of the Dog Christmas Advent Calendar 2020. We offer 20-30g of dog treats in this spectacular collection each day, sure to please every canine palate.

Packed full of 15 varieties over 25 days of Laila and Me cult favourites, as well as a few new, never-before-seen treats LOVED by our testers! Get ready for some appreciative jingle-woofs.

  • FESTIVE & FUN: This dog advent calendar is sure to pump up the holiday spirit for all who see and take part. Opening up the daily treat is pure joy for your sweet dog and for anyone nearby who sees their super-excited reaction! That’s some nice Christmas spirit all month long.
  • PAMPERING THEM MAKES US HAPPY: Come on, we all know it...spoiling our beloved dogs makes us extremely happy! Seeing them so pleased and delighted with a daily surprise treat is just absolutely heart-warming. Pure joy because they are our VERY special loved ones.
  • FANTASTIC NEW HOLIDAY TRADITION: We’ve gotten used to Advent Calendars for humans, like those with little pictures or candy or tree ornaments. Now it’s time to expand the tradition to cover a highly important family member. This annual event will become something to look forward to by the whole family (especially the canine crew).
  • EXCLUSIVE STYLE & QUALITY STANDARDS: We only provide the best, all-natural ingredients & flavours in our dog treats. 
  • MAKES AN INCREDIBLE GIFT FOR OTHERS: Treat loved ones and friends to a special early Christmas gift by giving them a Laila and Me Dog Advent Calendar to share & enjoy with their own treasured dogs. This is the kind of unique surprise that is sure to make any dog owner absolutely thrilled to have for the season.
Product Specs:

Length: 32.5cm

Width: 28cm