About Us

Positive Dog Products started in 2013 to complement Sharon Crichton's dog training and dog behaviour business which runs under the name Positive Dog Training. Sharon found there was a need to provide good quality reliable dog products to clients. 

All the items sold on this website have been tested and used by Sharon and her team of dedicated dog professionals. The prices are competitive and you can be assured these items are used by the experts.

The team at Positive Dog Training are able to help you with dog training questions related to the products sold through Positive Dog Products. 

Using a properly fitted dog training harness such as the Freedom No Pull harness can reducing pulling when walking your dog. Providing environmental enrichment toys such as Kongs and Nina Ottosson puzzles will help stimulate your dog mentally and keep them out of mischief.

Sharon is committed to enriching the lives of dogs by helping the humans provide positive training and environmental enrichment. To learn more about Sharon and her dogs visit Positive Dog Training.