Adaptil Refills

Some dogs don't cope well in new situations. Relieve your dog's fear or stress related behavioural issues with the Calm Home Diffuser Refill from Adaptil. Specially designed for use with your Adaptil Calm Home Diffuser, this handy refill releases calming pheromones into the air, comforting your dog or puppy and reducing anxiety for better overall health and happiness!


  • Adaptil pet accessories
  • Style: Calm Home Diffuser Refill
  • Capacity: 48mL
  • Pack contents: 1 x refill vial
  • Ideal for both dogs and puppies
  • Releases calming pheromones to comfort your dog
  • Helps relieve fear and/or stress related behavioural issues
  • Improves general health and happiness
  • Compatible with the Adaptil Calm Home Diffuser (sold separately) 
  • Lasts for up to 4 week
  • Materials: Plastic/glass