KONG Rewards Tinker Treat Dispensing Cube

Challenge your dog for their favourite treats with the KONG Rewards Tinker Treat-Dispensing Cube Dog Toy!

Make playtime more entertaining and mentally stimulating for your dog with the KONG Rewards Tinker Treat-Dispensing Cube Dog Toy! This treat-dispensing puzzle toy for dogs comes in a fun cube shape and features 6 different openings in the tubes to release treats, giving your dog 6x the chances to get their favourite treats! The funnel in the center of the cube is where you can add treats or dry dog food kibble inside. As your dog rolls the Tinker around, the treats get dispensed throughout the tubes, making the toy extra exciting and engaging for your dog. You can use this treat-dispensing pet toy as a slow-feeder as well!

  • Features:
  • Cube-shaped treat-dispensing and slow-feeding dog toy for mind-stimulating, challenging fun!
  • Helps keep your dog entertained for longer and helps with slow-feeding for better digestion
  • Features 6 treat openings for 6 different ways treats can be released for your dog to enjoy
  • Main ball-shaped funnel in the centre of the cube for adding treats/kibble
  • Designed with rounded corners for easy rolling and unpredictable movement
  • Idea for all dogs to enjoy

Size: Medium/Large (Approximately 14cm x 14cm x 14cm)