KONG Wubba Weaves with rope Large

Give your dog a toy that can handle their playful nature with the KONG Wubba Weaves Rope!

Made with durable woven rope material, this tough dog toy makes tugging, chewing, and thrashing play extra fun! This long-lasting dog toy features rope tails on the end connected to a large knotted ball with a smaller one on top. With plenty of textures to enjoy, your pet will be able to satisfy their chewing urges on the KONG Wubba Weaves with Rope!

A squeaker is tucked away inside the top rope ball for a fun surprise for your pet to enjoy. Give the toy a squeeze and make it squeak to capture your dog’s attention! You can use this rope dog toy for tugging and tossing play to help keep your dog active and entertained.


  • Durable woven rope dog toy that can withstand rough play and strong canine jaws
  • Satisfies your pet’s chewing needs without tearing through the toy
  • Features long rope tails to shake the toy and entice your dog to engage
  • 2 knotted rope balls for more texture to chew on and makes it easier for your dog to catch
  • Contains a squeaker inside the top knotted rope portion for extra fun
  • Rope fibres help clean teeth and massage gums to promote better dental health
  • Great for thrashing, tugging, and tossing play
  • Made to last for long-term entertainment

Sizes Available: