Zippy Paws Long Caterpillar 6 Squeaker Plush no stuffing

Get your dog's tail wagging with the Zippy Caterpillar Blasters toy! This long dog toy features a colourful, friendly caterpillar design and six Blaster Squeakers. The Blaster Squeakers makes honk-like noises instead of high-pitched squeaks and keeps squeaking even if punctured. Durable and long-lasting, the Zippy Caterpillar Blasters dog toy provides never-ending enjoyment for your pooch.


  • Size: Large, 8cm (h) x 8cm (w) x 76cm (l)
  • Weight: 156 grams
  • Colourful, stuffing-free caterpillar character toy with 6 Blaster Squeakers
  • Comes in a smaller size with regular squeakers
  • Produces longer “honk” sounds rather than high-pitched squeaks like regular squeakers make
  • Blaster Squeakers are larger and more durable
  • Still squeaks even if Blasters are punctured
  • Perfect for medium-sized to large dogs